Research Overview

The analysis on big data is applied to various situations such as medical information, new product development, etc.

Our target is to establish a platform for big data collection, analysis and utilization in a secure and privacy-preserving way, which is exactly important to establish a new industry based on big-data. Actually, there exist three entities of a platform for big data: data owner, analysis institution, and user.

We focus on fairness of data owners and realize to redistribute securely and fairly the benefit generated in the platform to the data owners.

From the expansion into various secure and privacy-preserving big data integrated utilization social system, we expect the ripple effects such as the acquisition of next-generation leadership in the information industry and attaining a leading role in the international standardization.


Security core technology group
The Research Director
Atsuko Miyaji
(Osaka Univ/JAIST)
Secure data management group
Main research collaborator
Sinsaku Kiyomoto
Living safety testbed Group
Main research collaborator
Yoshifumi Nishida
(Tokyo Institute of Technology/AIST)
Medical testbed group
Main research collaborator
Katsuya Tanaka
(National Cancer Center Japan)

What's New