Secure data management group

Main member

Shinsaku KiyomotoMain research collaborator KDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
Toru NakamuraKDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
Basu AnirbanKDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
Mohammad Shahriar RahmanKDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
Mitsumoto TomoakiKDDI R&D laboratories Inc.
Yuto NakanoKDDI R&D laboratories Inc.


1.Data Protection in Cyber Security

Memory Protection techniques has been considered in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data on memory by bugs or vulnerabilities on software implementation. We are implementing the technologies on the SSL protocol and evaluating security against several types of attacks. Tracing techniques for anonymized datasets has been considered in this project.

2.Secure Data Management

Quantitative risk analysis methods on anonymized datasets have been considered in order to support user's decision. We also consider user support functions for configuration of user's privacy policy.

3.Secure Data Trading and Mining

Fair and secure data trading between data holders and service providers is a key factor in this project. We are considering some protocols for data value checking, data price negotiation, and data mining.